Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Bertrand Serlet, the man who pioneered OS X leaves Apple

"I've worked with Steve for 22 years and have had an incredible time developing products at both NeXT and Apple, but at this point, I want to focus less on products and more on science"

Apple announced today that their senior vice president of Mac Software Engineering will be leaving the company for personal reasons. Replacing him will be Craig Federighi, Apple's vice president of Mac Software Engineering and he will be reporting only to Mr. Jobs himself.

Monday, 21 March 2011

The Life and Times of Jonathan Ive

The Daily Mail [yes, seriously] have a great article today all about the life of Jony Ive, one of the greatest and most influential product designers to ever exist, working for the largest technology company in the world as their senior vice-president of industrial design.

He designed almost EVERYTHING they have made that you can think of; from the old Bondi Blue iMac to the iPod 1G, iPad, Aluminium Macbook Pro and iPhone..

As a Graphic Designer, I would love for one shred of his talent to rub off on me. But hey, I'm still young, I have time! Amiright??
This man is a true icon of British design.

How Did a British Polytechnic Graduate Become the Design Genius Behind £200 Billion Apple?

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Flickering Displays and Flabbergasting Cases

This new video has turned up showing the new Macbook not playing very nicely through Thunderbolt to his friend, Mr. Apple Display..

He has been told to check Software Update "soon". How useful..

In other brief news, check out this beautiful case! It's been out forever, but my point is that it's now available in iPad 2 flavours!

Friday, 18 March 2011

Nobody Panic!!

Just a quick post today..

Apple have stockpiled enough iPad components to last the next 2-3 weeks!

The Japanese earthquake has affected component supplies for many manufacturers, including Foxconn, the company who builds all of Apple's iDevices.

But new reports state that the company have made sure to keep enough bits to build iPads for the next fortnight at least!

Good news for all those who absolutely NEED an iPad, that is..

Thursday, 17 March 2011

The Shape of the iPhone 5?

New cases allegedly created for the iPhone 5 have appeared, supporting the idea that the next-generation phone would sport the same form factor as the iPhone 4.

These claims are also supported by these engineering sketches found last week. The sketches show that the phone will be identical, but with a larger edge-to-edge screen, in both directions.
Some rather solid looking rumours starting to come out now!

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

New Wi-Fi Diagnostics Tool In Mac OSX Lion

A new tool currently available to developers has been discovered in Mac OSX Lion.

Option-clicking the wifi menu bar icon brings up the usual extra features, as well as a new one; Wi-Fi Diagnostics.
This launches the new Wi-Fi Diagnostics menu, where users can record and monitor all the goings on of traffic, performance and data speeds running through your networks!
Looks like a very useful little tool, and just another easter egg found inside Lion!

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Hidden iPad Multi-Touch Gestures

Following the latest iOS 4.3 release, Apple have included a new "secret" feature, exclusive to developers.
New multi-touch gestures, similar to those found on macs, including swiping four/five fingers to the sides to switch between running apps, swiping four fingers up to view all running apps and playback controls at the bottom, and pinching with five [a somewhat awkward sounding movement] to go to the home screen.
These features are in the OS but not readily available to users yet, but they are to developers, if you know where to look.
All you need do is download and install Xcode [free if you know where to look ;] ], run it connected to your iPad, and turn them on!

If you're interested in getting these new features, check out Gizmodo's quick and easy little tutorial on how to apply them.

Either that or if you're on the jailbreaking scene just wait for the latest iOS jailbreak and I'm sure something'll turn up in Cydia soon.

Friday, 11 March 2011

iPad 2 Now Available to Purchase in US

The long-awaited iPad 2 is now available to buy online through the Apple Store or in real life at Apple Retail Stores. But only in the US.

Us Brits will have to wait until March 25th.

Thursday, 10 March 2011

White iPhones, 64GB iPhones, and Microsoft Complaints

According to an analyst, shipments of the long-fabled super magical White iPhone 4 could start before April. Concord Securities Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo told AppleInsider that Apple have made changes to the "film material to solve the full-lamination problem that [was] the reason why white iPhones [were] delayed".
At the time most of us believed the idea of paint colour halting production of a phone to be rubbish, but with the revelations of a white iPad, who knows.
Many have been buying problematic unauthorised white shells for their iPhones from Apple's overseas suppliers, including Apple's own co-founder Steve Wozniak.

Conveniently-Timed 64GB iPhone
Apple's long-term supplier Foxconn have accidentally had photos of an alleged 64GB iPhone leaked from their factory in Shenzhen. Leaked photos reveal striking similarities between this phone and the confirmed prototype Gizmodo picked up early last year, such as no details on the volume buttons, and no silver ring around the rear camera lens. This would lead us all to believe the phone could be in the final stages of testing before production. Of course, others believe the next iPhone would be only incremental upgrades such as this, similar to the iPhone 3 to iPhone 3GS specifications.

And Finally...
Microsoft claim Apple's latest legal brief to trademark the term "App Store" doesn't comply with rules on minimum font size and number of pages and have filed a motion.
The report is purportedly 6 pages too long than the maximum 25 pages and does not meet the minimum 11 point font size.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

iOS 5 as Early as April?

Rumours abound today, as German site claims that Apple will unveil the new version of iOS at the beginning of April.
They also say that the company will show off a new MobileMe.
The $99 per annum service could potentially become free if plans were to go ahead, as well as  possible further integration with the OS if it is to be included in the event. The service may rely on self-storage at home rather than data being held in Apple-based servers. Further evidence is that Apple also discontinued sales of the boxed retail versions of MobileMe last month..

Apple's iOS event was held in April last year, leading us to believe an impending event seems likely. Another rumour is that the new new update would include improved voice navigation support, rendering your pretty touch screen a little more pointless..

If this is all to be true, it could be a busy couple of months for Apple, as we'll also be expecting their iPhone event around the end of June.

Macerkopf via AppleInsider

Monday, 7 March 2011

Planes Flown By iPads?

Well, not quite.

But according to Bloomberg, commercial airlines could start using the Boeing app by this Summer to control where their planes go.

Some smaller planes are already using iPad apps instead of traditional paper maps, so this is just a step forward.

And YES, they're [Jeppesen] working on an Android version for all you Apple-haters, which should be out this year. ;] But if you are one, you're on the wrong blog..

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Apple Sells Over 1 Million New Macbook Airs

It's a bit of a slow news day today, I admit.

But Apple has reported sales of 1.1 million 11 and 13 inch Macbook Airs during it's first quarter to December 2010.

This makes up 40% of it's Macbook sales in total, and approx. a quarter of it's Mac sales as a whole!

That's around 60% higher than analysts expected.

And one of the most successful Mac launches ever!

Apple Insider

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Solid-State-Drives for Macbook Pros?

The new thunderbolt-equipped Macbook Pros I talked about last week have a little secret.

They are shipping with Mac OS 10.6.6, which supplies TRIM support for bundled Apple Solid State Drives.

What does that you mean, you may ask?

It means we should prepare for some super-fast Macbook Pros. ;]

Apple Insider

Friday, 4 March 2011

Last minute Rumours Correct!!

So the iPad 2 is now officially announced!! And it turns out those guys at DGtle were 100% correct!!
However Amazon Germany were apparently just kicking up a fuss..

Here it is.
Sadly now, as it would turn out I do not have a lot to say about the device, as it was all said two days ago.

It will be launched March 11th in the US, and March 25th to us Brits and most other countries, costing the same price as the previous generation.
Here's the spec; it's the same size as the previous iPad, weighs 0.2 pounds less [i hate it when they mix metric and imperial measurements] from 1.5 pounds to 1.3 and apparently "when you get down to single pounds, it really makes a difference, this thing basically floats". Well that's what Job's says anyways.

It has the same 9.7 inch screen, NOT RETINA DISPLAY as I'm sure they're waiting for iPad 3 for that one.. ;] Inside is the new Apple A5 chip that is dual-core, twice as powerful, and with nine times the graphics capabilities, whilst keeping the same low power usage, allowing for a grand 10-hour battery life.

And did I mention the cameras? Oh yes there's two, as to be expected I'm sure. The back one capable of 720p recording at 30fps. The front one..... not so much.. Facetime I guess.
And it's got a Gyroscope too..

You'll also be able to video out through 1080p HDMI to your TV with a cable that's "just $39". And yes, there are black bars down the side on your TV. It doesn't fix that.

Also available will be the new "case" for it that does very little to protect anything except the screen, because it sticks on with magnets. It is very cool though. That's also only $39, with leather ones for £79. If numbers could be in caps, this would be a good time..

And of course what would be the point of cameras if it didn't have every hard-working person's least-favourite app, Photo Booth. There's that too.
And finally, you'll be able to get iMovie and GarageBand for the device, for serious editing and the like. "These things aren't toys", said Job's.

This is pretty much everything announced in the 70 minute keynote, I would guess they're saving the amazing stuff for the iPad 3, the rest was mostly statistics and me falling asleep. Thank you very much.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Last minute iPad 2 Rumours!!

I regret I may not be able to post about the imminent launch of the iPad 2 this evening at 6pm GMT until tomorrow, therefore I shall share with you some last minute rumours from Chinese tech site DGtle.
After all, it's never too late for rumours, even if it is only 3 1/2 hours till confirmation...
As you can see, the device also has a new speaker grill on the back, along with a new form-factor.
This seems odd to me, if you remember, the original iPhone had this shape, and then they squared it off for the 4. Whereas the iPod touch was squarer, until they curved the back panel. It's like they don't want their devices to match!
The device would also be A LOT thinner, judging by the above picture, which can only lead one to believe it'd be lighter too...

Along with these shots, Amazon Germany earlier today placed an iPad 2 listing on the site which has now been removed, stating the device will have a 9.7 inch screen, 1.2GHz dual-core processor and reportedly the newly created Thunderbolt port! I for one see no Thunderbolt port, so is Amazon lying? Or are these screens incredibly well made fakes? We'll have to find out at 6pm!

Source and for more screens: DGtle

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Steve Jobs was Denied a Knighthood

According to the Telegraph, in 2009, Steve Jobs was to be knighted by my very own Queen of England, but the plans fell through, as he had refused an invitation to speak at a Labour Party conference.

He was to be knighted for his services to technology, but failing to attend the conference, the government apparently decided to block his knighthood. However, as he is an American citizen, he would not have been known as Sir Steve Jobs, as this title is reserved for British citizens only.

It all seems a little childish to me.
As for his leave of absence, no comments have been released and all news is hearsay.

On another note, it's March 2nd tomorrow which means the Proverbial iPad 2 launch is nearly upon us.

What are everyone's hopes for tomorrow's conference/keynote?

Monday, 28 February 2011

No Front Row in Lion?

Despite my comment yesterday about full-screen applications in Lion, Front Row will apparently not be featuring in the next-gen operating system at all.

Front Row has been part of Macs since 2005, but since then with the launch of Apple TV, Airplay and more on-demand services, interest in the full screen viewing application has dwindled. Macs have not shipped with Apple IR Remotes for quite some time.

Not to mention, as an official Apple application, it does not support all file types and codecs, whereas simple third-party applications like VLC player are continuously growing in popularity.

I for one do not use the program, it is a nice addition, but I shall not miss it.

If you DO use it, I'd like to know your thoughts on this.

Thanks to Apple Insider for the info.

Saturday, 26 February 2011

OS 10.7 Lion Update!

With the release of the Lion Developer Beta, many have had a chance to play around with it..

Here is a brief look into some of the great [and not so great] features coming in the Summer!

"Time-Machine-like" Backup Saves

A cool new featured implemented throughout the OS is the ability to never lose or accidentally overwrite a file again!
Now Time-Machine currently offers a similar service, but it can't save you every time.
Every time you save a document "Version Control" keeps the old copy you just overwrote, and you can scroll through them like you would in Time-Machine!

Full Disc Encryption

It will now be possible to encrypt your entire OS and HDD/SSD from the get go. Built right into the Operating System!
There isn't much more to say other than that, but more security as standard and easily implemented like Apple are good at can't be anything but a good thing.

Mission Control

Mission control is a simplified, more advanced combination of Expose, Spaces and Dashboard all rolled into one.
Spaces sits neatly at the top, and Windows are grouped by application, rather than making a mess everywhere! How dashboard is included in this screen I'm unsure, but there don't seem to be any improvements to it.

Other Bits

The main point of Lion is apparently to make OS X more like iOS, I imagine within a few years the two will merge further in unique and possibly disappointing ways..

Therefore, scrolling has now been reversed, so down is up and vica-versa a la iOS.

Mail has been widened and lengthened and is now more the it's iOS counterpart.

And there is an extra effort to support more full screen applications like Final Cut and Front Row!

There will almost certainly be a few more interesting additions to come, and I for one can't wait!


Is a terrible time to buy anything made by Apple at all.

Literally anything.

Statistically, Apple refresh each of their product lines every year around the same month, therefore; the iPad event has been confirmed for March 2nd and we can expect a new iPhone around mid-end of June.

Which is a massive shame as I want an iPhone so much after suffering a Sony Ericsson Satio for a year and a half before FINALLY throwing it on the floor really hard in anger. Sadly, I will have to wait, as I would be a fool to purchase anything past the half way point in it's lifecycle..

Like in my last post I mentioned, the new Macs then, i believe they refresh the Mac line in September, are these newly released Macbooks full updates then? I mean, we will be expecting OS Lion in the Summer, and if that's as groundbreaking as it's supposed to be, then surely the hardware will be there to back it up??


Friday, 25 February 2011

New 2011 Macbooks!

As a proud owner of a late 2009 Macbook Pro, I'd be lying if I said I was impressed by the new Macbook lineup.

I know there was no more than a press release to accompany them, but I don't think I'm the only one a little disappointed. I have read many opinions on this and it appears we were all expecting a bit more than spec updates and a new hole to stick stuff.

Now don't get me wrong, they're very impressive! I'm also very jealous as the stock 13" starts at £999.. When I bought mine, I got it on University discount, at £897 with 2GB upgraded to 4GB, and 120GB HDD upgraded to 250GB HDD.

Such is life with technology...


I've decided that the chosen topic for my blog is rather restricting to what I can talk about.

Therefore I shall from hereon in begin instead to talk about another passion of mine: Macs.

Recommence blog in 3 2 1....