Saturday, 26 February 2011

OS 10.7 Lion Update!

With the release of the Lion Developer Beta, many have had a chance to play around with it..

Here is a brief look into some of the great [and not so great] features coming in the Summer!

"Time-Machine-like" Backup Saves

A cool new featured implemented throughout the OS is the ability to never lose or accidentally overwrite a file again!
Now Time-Machine currently offers a similar service, but it can't save you every time.
Every time you save a document "Version Control" keeps the old copy you just overwrote, and you can scroll through them like you would in Time-Machine!

Full Disc Encryption

It will now be possible to encrypt your entire OS and HDD/SSD from the get go. Built right into the Operating System!
There isn't much more to say other than that, but more security as standard and easily implemented like Apple are good at can't be anything but a good thing.

Mission Control

Mission control is a simplified, more advanced combination of Expose, Spaces and Dashboard all rolled into one.
Spaces sits neatly at the top, and Windows are grouped by application, rather than making a mess everywhere! How dashboard is included in this screen I'm unsure, but there don't seem to be any improvements to it.

Other Bits

The main point of Lion is apparently to make OS X more like iOS, I imagine within a few years the two will merge further in unique and possibly disappointing ways..

Therefore, scrolling has now been reversed, so down is up and vica-versa a la iOS.

Mail has been widened and lengthened and is now more the it's iOS counterpart.

And there is an extra effort to support more full screen applications like Final Cut and Front Row!

There will almost certainly be a few more interesting additions to come, and I for one can't wait!


  1. I like the 'time machine' feature! I can really see that coming in handy!Kind of a more interactive spin on the recover mode that windows has.

  2. cool, im considering getting a mac soon

  3. "And there is an extra effort to support more full screen applications like Final Cut and Front Row!"
    WOW, i agree!

  4. I love my Mac! Thanks for sharing the useful hints and tips!

  5. Love having a mac, sucks i cant play many games though...

  6. man i still haven't even got snow leopard yet. i'm living in the stone age practically.

  7. Nice blog, I'm a Windows user but i'm going to follow because Mac OS is beautiful.

  8. +1 like Minecrafter, But the future is GNU/Linux..

  9. doesn't snowleopard have time machine too?
    nice post, quite informative.

  10. Very good blog, I wait for next post.

    + followed:)

  11. Nice. I don't have a mac so I can't use this lol, but it's interesting nonetheless.

  12. I was searching cnet for something like this, I should of came here first.

  13. why would they make OS X like iOS

    OS X is wayy more powerful isn't it?

  14. You say "OS X more like iOS" what is exactly iOS?

  15. I've always found mac's to be difficult at first, but when I started using my Gf's a lot more often, I got used to it, I like a lot of the ease of use of it, and thanks for posting this! I didnt know all that before today!

  16. Really cool information! Thx