Friday, 4 March 2011

Last minute Rumours Correct!!

So the iPad 2 is now officially announced!! And it turns out those guys at DGtle were 100% correct!!
However Amazon Germany were apparently just kicking up a fuss..

Here it is.
Sadly now, as it would turn out I do not have a lot to say about the device, as it was all said two days ago.

It will be launched March 11th in the US, and March 25th to us Brits and most other countries, costing the same price as the previous generation.
Here's the spec; it's the same size as the previous iPad, weighs 0.2 pounds less [i hate it when they mix metric and imperial measurements] from 1.5 pounds to 1.3 and apparently "when you get down to single pounds, it really makes a difference, this thing basically floats". Well that's what Job's says anyways.

It has the same 9.7 inch screen, NOT RETINA DISPLAY as I'm sure they're waiting for iPad 3 for that one.. ;] Inside is the new Apple A5 chip that is dual-core, twice as powerful, and with nine times the graphics capabilities, whilst keeping the same low power usage, allowing for a grand 10-hour battery life.

And did I mention the cameras? Oh yes there's two, as to be expected I'm sure. The back one capable of 720p recording at 30fps. The front one..... not so much.. Facetime I guess.
And it's got a Gyroscope too..

You'll also be able to video out through 1080p HDMI to your TV with a cable that's "just $39". And yes, there are black bars down the side on your TV. It doesn't fix that.

Also available will be the new "case" for it that does very little to protect anything except the screen, because it sticks on with magnets. It is very cool though. That's also only $39, with leather ones for £79. If numbers could be in caps, this would be a good time..

And of course what would be the point of cameras if it didn't have every hard-working person's least-favourite app, Photo Booth. There's that too.
And finally, you'll be able to get iMovie and GarageBand for the device, for serious editing and the like. "These things aren't toys", said Job's.

This is pretty much everything announced in the 70 minute keynote, I would guess they're saving the amazing stuff for the iPad 3, the rest was mostly statistics and me falling asleep. Thank you very much.


  1. 10 hour battery, thats a start ^^

  2. man, that gadget looks like a BEAST! christ lol

  3. I'm more of an Android user :P

  4. yeah they left alot of room for improvement with the 1st Ipad

  5. Very impressive tablet, I have been thinking of getting one, this post may have persuaded me

  6. So when is it coming to canada?? followed!

  7. it has pretty cool features

  8. I came.
    This will be awesome.

  9. "NOT RETINA DISPLAY as I'm sure they're waiting for iPad 3 for that one.. ;] "

    I read somewhere that the iPad is incapable of true retina display due to the size of the screen. I'm not 100% sure about this though

  10. @Everything On Nothing

    Retina Display simply means a display with such a high resolution that when viewed from the normal distance from your eyes you can longer distinguish individual pixels. Any screen can be capable of that, and retina is only a markety word they use to sell gadgets, in reference to your eyes of course..

  11. I would love a ipad for reading downloaded comics but I'm afraid I'd break it.

  12. Got to say this looks amazing! Though i've barely had chance to buy the original ipad! Hmfp!

  13. is it going to have 256ram? read something bout that

  14. Aplle products are generally to expensive and not worth their price. =/