Thursday, 10 March 2011

White iPhones, 64GB iPhones, and Microsoft Complaints

According to an analyst, shipments of the long-fabled super magical White iPhone 4 could start before April. Concord Securities Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo told AppleInsider that Apple have made changes to the "film material to solve the full-lamination problem that [was] the reason why white iPhones [were] delayed".
At the time most of us believed the idea of paint colour halting production of a phone to be rubbish, but with the revelations of a white iPad, who knows.
Many have been buying problematic unauthorised white shells for their iPhones from Apple's overseas suppliers, including Apple's own co-founder Steve Wozniak.

Conveniently-Timed 64GB iPhone
Apple's long-term supplier Foxconn have accidentally had photos of an alleged 64GB iPhone leaked from their factory in Shenzhen. Leaked photos reveal striking similarities between this phone and the confirmed prototype Gizmodo picked up early last year, such as no details on the volume buttons, and no silver ring around the rear camera lens. This would lead us all to believe the phone could be in the final stages of testing before production. Of course, others believe the next iPhone would be only incremental upgrades such as this, similar to the iPhone 3 to iPhone 3GS specifications.

And Finally...
Microsoft claim Apple's latest legal brief to trademark the term "App Store" doesn't comply with rules on minimum font size and number of pages and have filed a motion.
The report is purportedly 6 pages too long than the maximum 25 pages and does not meet the minimum 11 point font size.


  1. Wasn#t the white iphone supposed to be released half a year earlier? Well done, Apple. I'm glad I haven't waited for it. :)

  2. those "leaked" pictures look like marketing stunts to me.

  3. i want a 64gb iphone4, my 32gb is already to small :(

  4. this is all pretty good stuff. they've released a white ipad, now how about the iphone...

  5. Oh god microsoft sounds pathetic like that. Learn to keep up with the pros!

  6. I want all my music on there, 16 gigs aint cutting it :(

  7. i like my htc desire hd. i'm not interested in eye-phones

  8. I'm going to trademark the work "Store"

  9. Microsoft may sound picky or pathetic, but they're doing what they can to combat apple from trademarking a term that should be too common to be trademarked.